Matigsalug-Manobo Tribe Receive Wellbeing Kits

Posted 1 month ago
Matigsalug-Manobo Tribe Receive Wellbeing Kits

Children took a hard hit during the pandemic. Opportunities of growth and development shifted as children found themselves more at home, away from peers and social interaction. For many, the psychosocial wellbeing of children, particularly those from low-income families, took the backburner.  

Low-income families continue to prioritize their basic needs, primarily food and shelter. Other psychological necessities for children may come in later as parents struggle to make ends meet.  

To respond to the growing need of providing psychosocial support to children from low-income families, the Dolores Aboitiz Children’s Fund of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI DACF) has extended its support to the children of the Matigsalug-Manobo Tribe in the Marilog District, Davao City. Children and grandchildren of the Matigsalug Manobo Tribal People Council of Elders will receive 200 wellbeing kits from RAFI DACF.  

The Matigsalug-Manobo Tribe is the foundation’s tree growing partner under its RAFI One to Tree program. Through its RAFI One to Tree program, the foundation works with local people’s organizations for strategic community-based tree growing programs. The tribe is the community partner of the Carbon Sink Management Project of Therma South, Inc. RAFI OTT is the official project technical implementer. 

RAFI DACF will distribute wellbeing kits to 200 children of the tribe. Wellbeing kits include coloring pencils, the Tigom story and coloring book, slippers, and toys. 

“The project is designed to provide educational support to the children of the Matigsalug-Manobo Tribe. These children are kids of our partner farmers helping us grow and plant trees through the RAFI – One to Tree Program. We recognize the children of our partners who have been supporting their parents in the effort to save mother earth,” said Jenny Lea Menchavez, Junior Executive Director of RAFI DACF.  

Parents will participate in the kit preparation and distribution. They will likewise be taught to actively respond to the psychosocial needs of their children. Logistical preparation and distribution of the kits are done through the sitio leaders and parents of beneficiaries. The project is implemented in partnership with the community and promote a sense of community ownership.  

The Dolores Aboitiz Children’s Fund of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI-DACF) aims to enable communities to champion for children to reach their own potentials. Its Grants Program supports initiatives promoting the welfare and development of children through Early Education and Health and Nutrition. 

RAFI One To Tree (formerly known as RAFI Biodiversity Conservation Unit), has been active in reforestation and conservation for over two decades and has achieved more than 80% survival rate for native tree growing. RAFI OTT also assists companies in the service delivery of Environmental Compliance Certificate requirements set by the Philippine Government, as well as helping them achieve carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation