How to set up a Nursery

How to set up a Nursery copy

A nursery is the area where young plants are raised and taken care of until they reach the right size for outplanting. It also provides enough supply when the need arises, which is more economical than procuring them for commercial sources.

The following procedures are considered in the establishment and management of a native tree nursery:

a. Site Selection
b. Site Preparation
c. Construction of Nursery Infrastructure and Facilities
d. Seedling Production
e. Seed Processing
f. Seed Storage and Handling
g. Care and Maintenance

Tree nurseries are established to provide a favorable condition for native tree seedlings before planting. It is the role of the nursery to provide a maximum rate of germination and growth to these seeds and wildlings. Since seeds and wildlings of forest trees are commonly limited in amount and have different treatments prior to transfer to seedling bags and planting.

Before a seedling goes to the planting site, it should be placed in a protected environment, nurtured to grow to the size required, and then hardened gradually in preparation to the harsh elements of the planting site. It is incorrect to think that seedlings must be treated roughly for them to survive in the field. On the contrary, the care instilled to a seedling while it is still on its critical stage will ensure that it will survive in the field.

World-renowned scientist and environmentalist Dr. Jurgenne Primavera noted that the presence of the RAFI nursery has promoted the planting of indigenous tree species, pointing out that the country’s barren and denuded lands should be planted with sun-loving trees like molave, which can survive the harsh conditions of strong sunlight and low nutrients.