Scientific Name

Dracontomelon edule (Blanco)

Family Name



Common and occurs in northernLuzonto northernMindanao.

Method of Propagation

It is propagated by seeds.



  • Habit:  Lamio is a large tree which grows to 40 m in height and 1 m or more in diameter.
  • Leaves: The leaves are odd-pinnate with a rachis 5-75 cm long, with 4-18 pairs of leaflets. The leaflets, which measure about 3-6 cm x 7-20 cm, are sub-opposite or alternate. Each leaflet is elliptic-oblong in shape, with a round to oblique base and an acute to acuminate apex.
  • Flowers: It has a small, white flower.
  • Fruits: Its fruit are globose, grow to 3 cm in diameter, juicy and sour, with a leathery rind.
  • Trunk: The base of its stem is not prominently buttressed.


  • Wood: used in furniture and cabinet-making and as a material for sliced and rotary veneers, panels, and boxes.
  • Leaves and fruit: Its young leaves and mature fruit are edible.