Guijo Tree

Scientific Name

Shorea guiso

Physical Characteristics

Guijo leaf

The average height of Guijo trees is 40-55 meters with a diameter of 180 centimeters at breast height.

The leaves are lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate to oblong in shape, 5-19 cm long and 1.8-8 cm wide. The base can be rounded or subcuneate, apex caudate or acuminate. Secondary nerves  are prominent underneath and depressed in the upper surface.




Guijo fruit




The nut contains 3 long wings expanded at the base with an obtuse apex. The base is dense, 3-4 cm long and 9-10 mm in diameter.


Guijo trees have few flowered branches. Flowers are short-stalked or almost sessile. Petals are 9-10 times as long as thesepal, linear-oblong, obtuse, with slightly irregular margins, pale outside, darker inside.





Guijo crown


Contemporary use

Wood is beautifully grained, reddish brown, and very durable; highly preferred material for construction requiring strength and durability (houses, bridges, wharves, furniture, carriage wheels, for masts and keels of vessels, shipbuilding, building construction).